Making it easier to bring physical computing to your classroom.

A fun online course. Help your students learn to code and make a robot.
What is it and how does it work?

  1. An online video based course with audio 
  2. Broken down into easy, short lessons
  3. Follow along at a pace that suits you
  4. The course shows you how to connect everything together and how to write the code
  5. The course takes around 2 - 3 hours to complete. Students can save their progress and come back to it at any time

By the end of the course students will have built and programmed a fully working robot that drives around and avoids obstacles.

What do I need to get started?

  1. A computer or laptop with internet connection
  2. An Arduino Uno or Mega with USB cable
  3. A breadboard, LEDs and jumper wires 
  4. 2 motors, 2 wheels and a motor driver, preferably the L298N 
  5. A platform, base or chassis that the motors and wheels attach to
  6. An Ultrasonic distance sensor, we recommend the HC-SR04  
  7. Headphones (optional)
  8. The course will work on tablets but some of the 3d images are not yet compatible 

Free preview of the course

We're hoping these online courses will help you in the following way: 
  1. Engage your students further by making real robots & fun projects 
  2. Minimise upfront investment and prep time required 
  3. Further increase your confidence when answering your students' questions
The course shows you everything step by step
Explained simply with fun challenges to try yourself

How can you use this?

Teach yourself

This will help you start or diversify your programming skills.  All of your department can learn robotics without the need for external training days.

Use it in lessons

Most students enjoy making things. It's a good way to enage them in computing and show them the benefits of learning how to code.

Use it in a club

With Zobotics kids can build something for real and defend real forts! The skills learned from the first course can be used for lots of different projects.

How much will it cost?

The first part of the course is free, it shows you how to get started with arduino, build a basic circuit and light up an LED.

For the full course, teachers receive a discount on the usual price of £45, full pricing is as below:
Individual Teachers
£39 one off payment
  • Full Access to Course
  • Certificate
  • Email/Phone Support

Club (upto 10 students)
£59 per term - cancel anytime
  • Full Access to Course
  • Certificates
  • Email/Phone Support
  • Help with purchasing kits
Lessons (unlimited)
£199-499 per year - depending on no. of students
  • Full Access to Course & Certificates
  • Email/Phone Support
  • Help with purchasing kits
  • Meeting in person if requested

What about the kit?

Depending on what type of base and arduino board you choose, each robot will be around £30 - £50. 
This is a one time investment as the robots can be kept and used repeatedly.
Please get in touch if you would like more details on this.
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