Are you curious about robots?

Are you looking for robot toys to engage your child?

With over 10 years’ experience teaching robotics to kids and adults, we’d like to welcome you to your online robotics playground, shop and learning space.

Have a look around and shout if you need a hand

Teaching to Exams is Old School


 Do you believe that learning should be hands on, practical and exam free?

Do you want your child to learn how to experiment without the fear of failing or being given an unfair grade?

Wouldn’t it be nice for your child to fall in love with learning and refuel their natural curiosity and problem solving skills?

That’s why we love teaching with robots.

Robot toys are fun, educational and suitable for any age group.

So whether you’re homeschooling, mainstream schooling or just looking to start a new hobby, we hope you’ll find something here.

We believe that there should be more play, hands on activities and time to explore freely for young students.

By supporting us you are helping us to improve education and inspire the next generation.

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