Bittle Robot Dog Review

Most of the kits we come across are similar to Lego or Vex, so we were naturally super curious when we saw Bittle.

Bittle is a cute, little, programmable robot dog that can be controlled via an app and also programmed in the Arduino Environment.



Bittle is made by Petoi, a robotics company specialising in Bionic Robot Pets for kids and adults.

Petoi's Founder, Dr Rhonzhong Li, is a very talented and humble man, whom I was honoured to speak with over Zoom whilst getting our Bittle built and calibrated.

What's in the Box?  


Bittle is packaged up very nicely and you get a range of accessories in this robotics kit.

 - 10 Servo Motors

 - 1 Bittle Robot, complete with tail and bone :)

 - Camera Module

 - Wife/Bluetooth Dongles

 - Rechargeable Battery

 - Remote Control

 - Vision cards


The Bittle robotics kit comes in a nicely designed, sturdy cardboard box. Its easy to open and store all the accessories in when not in use. I keep mine on my desk and it makes working with Bittle super easy.


We have decided to only supply the assembled version as it means your students/kids can crack straight on and get Bittle working.

The assembly and calibration is better suited to more experienced roboticists.

You can control Bittle via the app, it's straight forward and gives an easy win on the learning curve:




Stay tuned, we will be adding more info soon



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