How to maximise student engagement and get the most out of your budget

How to maximise engagement with your robotics kits, so your budget is not wasted:


1. Most robotics kits come with 3 main sensors:


- light/colour

- touch or push buttons

- ultrasound/distance


Some include temperature sensors, moisture senors, cameras and so on.


However the 3 main ones are enough for a massive range of activities for almost any age group.


2. Choose one sensor and one fun activity that you can do with that sensor.



Here's a popular example: Robot Sumo


Robot sumo uses a high contrast arena and the robot uses its light sensor to figure out if its in the middle of the arena or near the edge.


It then (hopefully!) acts accordingly.



3. Take that activity and make different versions that vary in time and difficulty:


Robot sumo level 1: Most of the code is written, with fill in gaps to complete. The robot is pre assembled


Robot sumo level 2: Hints for the code, pre assembled robot.


Robot sumo level 3: Explanation of what the robot needs to do, some building and design work required.


...and you can carry on adjusting depending on age group/experience level and time.


By doing this you can plan a whole year's worth(possibly more) of robotics lessons in about a day or so...



Hope that helps.



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