Bittle Robot Dog: Quality Robot Toys for Kids from a Great Company

Robot toys for kids are excellent investments to nurture the education of children in your care in a fun and exciting way. Not surprisingly, when purchasing robot toys a common concern is the pricing and quality of the products purchased. That’s why Petoi Robots are an excellent choice when considering robot toys for your kids! This stellar company offers the Bittle Robot Dog as we all as the Nybble Robot Cat. Here you’ll learn all about Petoi the company and why they’re an excellent source for robot toys such as the Bittle Robot Dog.


Already curious about Bittle? Check out our review of the Bittle Robot Dog here and then read on to learn more!

History of Petoi and the Bittle Robot Dog

Petoi is a robotics company that specializes in Bionic Robot Pets for both kids and adults. Founded by the talented and humble Dr. Rongzhong Li in 2016, Petoi started with OpenCat–which refers to the popular open-source quadruped platform where Petoi robots still run–and a crowdfunding campaign that started in a dorm room. From the beginnings of what is now Petoi, the founder’s mission focused on providing affordable and interactive lifelike quadruped robots to the mass market. This is exactly what the company has achieved. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016, Nybble the robot cat came to be. Not long after, the Bittle Robot Dog Kickstarter campaign began and was fully funded in 2020. Now, with all, crowdfunding orders fulfilled, Petoi has shipped over 15,000 OpenCat quadruped robots across 60 countries and keeps improving their product and user experience.

Bittle is an innovative, palm size robot dog. The build-your-own robot toy provides a puzzle-like, hands-on experience for kids and adults alike, and can be programmed to do tons of different actions, skills, and tricks. Like Petoi’s Nybble Robot Cat, the Bittle Robot Dog is an affordable, high-quality robot toy that offers customizable, educational fun for people across all age groups and skill levels. Whether you are a child new to and excited about robotics and programming, or an older teen or adult with robotics experience, Petoi is a wonderful choice to source your robot pet from.

Bittle Robot Dog Technology and Resources for People At Different Levels

Petoi offers exceptional resources and support when you buy one of their affordable robot toys such as the Bittle Robot Dog. The robot can be controlled for fun through a mobile app or remote and you can calibrate and teach new skills to the robot from a desktop within the Arduino Environment. There are even more ways to explore and enjoy the pet robot toy for people with different levels of robotics knowledge.

Petoi makes it possible for all age groups to enjoy the Bittle Robot Dog. Their website includes information about a free STEM curriculum so even the newest robot users can learn to code and enjoy their robot!  Elementary and Middle school students have access to Tinkergen, a Scratch-like drag-and-drop coding program that is perfect for children and young people new to programming and robotics. 

For older students, Bittle works with Arduino-based C++ programming and Python-based programming. More advanced learners can use these programs to modify Bittle for different environments and really push and explore the limit of the robot. The Bittle Robot Dog gives students of all ages the hands-on experience that is so valuable for learning as they build their robot pet, while offering different levels of expertise depending on their experience with robotics. 

Even people with advanced robotics knowledge can enjoy and learn from the Bittle Robot Dog and all Petoi has to offer, as these pet robots are able to work with advanced robotics such as simulation and AI using the OpenCat framework. 

Speaking of OpenCat–OpenCat was a key factor for Petoi to be able to offer such high-value robots at an affordable price to mass markets. OpenCat allowed for the development of quadruped robots like Bittle and Nybble while lowering costs and decreasing technical barriers. 

All this to say, when you invest in the Bittle Robot Dog, Petoi provides everything you need for an amazing robotics experience. You get more than JUST the robot from Petoi. You are given all the resources and tech access needed to make the most of your robot dog. 

What Makes the Bittle Robot Dog So Great?

The Bittle Robot Dog is so wonderful because of the value and quality you receive for the money. Petoi is a high-quality, trustworthy company from humble beginnings that provides an excellent robot toy experience. Your purchase of the Bittle Robot Dog includes everything necessary for a wonderful, fun, and educational experience. 

What’s more, is that the Bittle Robot Dog isn’t a toy that children will outgrow after a short time. As their robot skills progress, they can continue to practice and apply them to Bittle.  They’ll never get bored or run out of ways to test, program, or explore the capabilities of Bittle. 

Additionally, Petoi recently released a STEM kit version of Bittle that can be used for STEM and Robotics education. STEM and robotics are such new, innovative, and exciting fields of study that many people aren’t exposed to in a meaningful way until they are much older. STEM kits that teach about and expose young learners to the exciting world of robotics will help a new generation grow up with the knowledge our world will need for new innovations in robotics. 

When you buy the Bittle Robot Dog, you can be assured that you are investing in a quality product from a quality company. Here at Zobotics, we are proud and excited to use the Bittle Robot Dog from Petoi. 


If you’re interested in Bittle, make sure you check out our review of the cute little robot! You’ll learn all about the Bittle Robot Dog and hear more about this high-quality, affordable robot toy from a great company. 

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