Robotics Jargon Buster

Don’t let the technical terms put you off learning robotics.

We’ve written this guide because we understand the frustration of trying to learn something new, only to find that everything is explained in unclear and technical language.

We hope that it helps you on your robotics learning journey.

We’ll be adding to this guide regularly, but if you think of a word that you’ve heard and feel it would be useful to include, please tell us!


Robot: We all talk about robots but rarely about what actually makes something a robot.

Here’s a good definition to start with:

A robot is an automated machine, usually programmable, that carries out its programmed instructions with no or very little human help.


Code: When people talk about ‘code’ in the context of robotics, they are usually referring to the programmed instructions that the robot needs to follow.


Programming: This is the process of writing a set of instructions for a robot. Whilst it sounds simple programming requires a lot of knowledge and problem solving skills.


Linux: Most of the laptops and computers we have use Windows to run the different software and the user interface.

Linux is an alternative to Windows and is often used to run robots.


Algorithm: A fancy word for a set of programmable instructions that allow a robot to perform a specific task.


Language: In robotics, this is most likely to mean programming language. Instructions for robots can be written in various programming languages including good old fashioned C, and the newer C++, also Python, Java and so on. 


It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started

Starting with Robotics can be intimidating. There is so much to learn and so many resources available. 

Where do you start?!

Why not drop us an email and have a chat with us about what you’re looking to achieve?

We’d love to help you out 🙂

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