Steal my lesson plan template for an awesome robotics lesson:

Steal my framework for an awesome robotics lesson:

It's the result of 10 years of teaching and hundreds of sessions.

Intro: Ask questions, show examples, get them moving around

'If you had unlimited money and the world's best roboticists, what would your robot do for you?'

Part 1: Quick win- get their robots moving, it needs to be something they achieve

Part 2: Free play, let them run with it and try out their own ideas

Part 3: Step it up with a sensor and repeat part 2.

Part 4: Introduce a group challenge: Robot Sumo, Coloured dancing mat, farm bot etc.

Part 5: Competition or show time

Part 6: Wrap up and talk about skills, resilience and evaluate performance

Keep the pace fast and momentum going

Sidenote: This works for most subjects, you don't have to have robots for max engagement

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