Steal this framework to make it easier to buy the right robotics kit

How to start looking for a robotics kit for your school/organisation/kids to use:

Start with these questions:

What are we interested in? Maybe some or all of these

- Building and designing
- Block based/scratch based programming
- Real world programming
- School computing syllabus
- Electronics

What do I need it to work with?

- Windows/mac/chromebook etc
- Lego
- Wireless programming

What's my budget?

How many age groups does it need to be suitable for?

How many kids do I want to share each kit?

What are my/our long term goals?

- Run a club for gifted/interested students
- Increase students choosing computing
- Want something for my children to get into
- Home schooling
- Want to make robotics part of the curriculum

What programming languages do we want to teach/learn?

How much time do I have to learn how to use it?

How much time do we have to set it up every time?

There's more, but those are a good start to understand what you are looking for and begin to narrow down your options and make your research much better.
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