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PHIRO Unplugged Robot

PHIRO Unplugged Robot

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Are you looking for a kit that allows you and/or your students to step away from the screen and do some seriously fun, unplugged computing?

Do you need a kit that is easy for newbies and younger students, but can also progress as they learn?

We are super excited to be stocking this gorgeous robotics kit called PHIRO.

So what does it do??

If you want to introduce the concept of flowcharts and pseudo code to your students you can use the provided swipe cards to plan a program and them swipe it into PHIRO. PHIRO then carries out these commands which is amazing to watch. It has the added benefit teaching students about debugging, if PHIRO does the commands wrong, they'll have to look at the order of their cards and figure out what happened!


PHIRO also has a range of buttons that can be used to build up a sequence of commands.


Some of the funky things it can do:

 - Navigate around a room - your classroom can become an interactive play area

 - Detect faces, yep PHIRO can recognise its owner

 - Attaches to Lego so you can add wheels, legs and all kinds of fun accessories which means the learning continues for much longer

 - Follows lines and light, which opens up a massive range of learning challenges 

 - Takes pictures so students can document their learning journey

 - Avoids obstacles so your students can create and explore a range of different courses for PHIRO to complete.


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