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Robtix STEM Maker Kit

Robtix STEM Maker Kit

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How exciting is this?!

If you're looking to teach your younger children or students about simple machines and want to start them on their journey to building robots, this STEM Maker Kit is brilliant.

The pieces are uniquely designed to slot together in various different ways, meaning you can build a lot more than you can with standard lego style kits.

If you are a fan of learning through play and looking for something that you can do with your kids in the holidays, or looking to add more physical play to your school curriculum, we highly recommend this kit.

With the STEM Maker kit you can develop simple machines that allow children to build a solid foundation in physics.

Constructing STEM models promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Make your family time magical and fun by integrating quality play learning.

Explore STEM concepts that stimulate creativity and curiosity.

Building STEM models early in students' lives assists them in thinking logically and developing computational thinking.


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